All Four Outdoors Naturehike tent range in 2018

Hi Guys, 

We've had a few people reach out to us over social media in the last couple of weeks trying to find the right tent - they like NatureHike, they like All Four and they just wanted a nice, neat breakdown of what's what. 


So, without further ado... 

Here's is our NatureHike Tent Range in 2018


The Cloud Up tent series

Lightweight - Affordable - Quality

Based around the Big Agnes UL range, these are some pretty awesome bits of lightweight gear. Good for campers up to about 6'2 sleeping stretched out, all are about accurate when it comes to working off ultralight tent scales - a 1 person tent is a 1 person tent, a 2 person is a couples or good friends tent or someone who likes their space, and a 3 person is a cosy 3 person or a spacious 2 person tent.


Cloud Up 1 dimensionsnaturehike cloud up 1 dimensional floorplan

Cloud up 2 dimensions


naturehike cloud up 2 dimensions

Cloud Up 3 dimensions

Because they have a single ridge line pole, these tents are prone to a bit of flex in high winds but if you pitch in shelter or nose on to the wind, you shouldn't have too many dramas!

Make sure if you're looking to do any snowy camping in these chaps you splash the cash and grab the SilNylon version with snow skirts as snow slides off it a heck of a lot better than the ripstop polyester and the snow skirts allow you to fully enclose the tent (the non-skirted versions will allow that under fly ventilation which can make for a very chilly night!).


Available in:

NatureHike Cloud Up 1



NatureHike Cloud Up 2 





NatureHike Cloud Up 3 



naturehike cloud up 3 without snow skirts





The NatureHike HIBY 2-3 person tent

An adventurers tent - Outer pitch first - Self supporting - Rigid


Next on the menu, and the answer to a lot of prayers from the faithful, we have the NatureHike Hiby.

Scoped out as a 2 to 3 person tent, realistically this is a nice 2 man. The big winner here is the outdoorsy type who doesn't mind camping and hiking on those rainy days. The Hiby is an external pitch, free standing tent, meaning it can be put up from the outside without traipsing rain and mud into the tent and can self support (no ties, guys) though that's not it's ideal setup. Because of it's cross pole and collar design, it's extremely tough, has a nice high ceiling and with a 4000mm hydrostatic head on the silnylon version, will put up with all weather pretty damn well! 

With a nice front alcove to store packs, wet clothes and boots in, it's a serious adventurers tent! 


HIBY tent dimensions

naturehike hiby tent dimensions


Available in either 210T Ripstop or 20D SilNylon, you can grab the NatureHike Hiby from All Four Outdoors from £149.




NatureHike's Cirrus 2 person tent

Similar to the NatureHike Hiby - the Cirrus 2 is a great bit of more robust kit!


With a nice broad dimension and high ceiling, the Cirrus gives you a sturdy shelter with good length, headroom and a waterproof rating (4000MM hydrostatic head) that will handle anything European weather can throw at it. It also has a nice enclosed porch for storing boots and packs, comes with it's own footprint, and comes in at a manageable 2.12kg. 

The only slight amendment would be that we'd add either a snow skirt or fully enclosed fly to make this a genuine 4 season tent. It really is a great bit of kit! 



Available in both a two tone green or alternately a light grey with maroon trim, it's a very smart looking tent.


Take another look here - they're only £129 and come with a 12 month warranty.



Naturehike Wind Cloud Hammock

Are you looking to get up off the ground? Away from the bugs and damp? If you haven't considered hammock camping in the past, this may be the time to take a second look. 

Naturehike's Wind Cloud hammock takes care of damn near all the bits and pieces you need to explore your first hammock camping adventure. With a 3.5m square rainfly waterproof rated to 3000MM hydrostatic head, 100kg capacity and made with quality 20D and 40D silnylon and daisy chain attachment points, Naturehike really haven't skimped on making a quality hammock tent from the off. 

Check out it's dimensions here:



It's available in 2 colours - green and grey  - and comes in at £99. Grab yours at All  Four Outdoors here.


Orange Naturehike 20D/40D Wind Cloud SilNylon hammock - £99


Grey and Green NatureHike Wind Cloud Hammock - £99



The Naturehike Double A Twin Peak shelter


If you're looking for a big, bad tent for a basecamp setup, chasing a mini marquee for the rugby or polo club, or looking for a family shelter for those long weekends at the beach with the boys - you can't go too far wrong with the Twin Peak. 

At 6 meters long, over 2m high and 3m wide, you've got shade, space and with a 4000mm hydrostatic head, waterproofing in abundance. Made with either 210T ripstop polyester or 20D SilNylon, the Twin Peak shelter is insanely lightweight for it's dimensions coming in at 3.9 kgs for the SilNylon and 5.1 kgs for the polyester. 





Naturehike's family friendly, 4 person P Series Dome Tent 


The Naturehike P series dome tent is a great, cost effective family tent option and we're all for people getting out with the kids and enjoying the great outdoors!

While not as light as some of our other alternative tents, it is only 2.3kgs and presents a great entry level tent for the family, constructed with tough as teak 210T ripstop polyester, with a 150D oxford cloth base.

With a hydrostatic head of 3000MM it will handle most of what the UK and European camping can throw at it, and 2.15 m x 2.15m there is genuinely enough space for mum, dad and 2 little ones. It also benefits from a nice little front annexe to store stuff outside of the tent space and the front door can be rolled or pulled taut on hiking poles to make an under cover area. 

Check the four colour schemes out below and grab yours for £75 at All Four Outdoors. Just click an image to check one out.


Grab your NatureHike P series 4 man dome tent for £75 here.



NatureHike's Ultralight 2 Man SilNylon Dome Tent 


While it's a little bit of an old school design, the Ultralight 2 man silnylon dome tent is a little bit of back to the future. With it's lightweight materials but rigid shape, this is an extremely hardy tent. 

A little bit compact for the loftier types (I'm 6 foot and wouldn't want to be too much taller), the ultralight dome does however have ample headroom, especially when compared to some low topped tents like the Vango Banshee 200 or MSR Elixir (95cm and 102cm against the 110cm of the Naturehike). 

The tent itself weighs in at 1.9 kilograms including all poles, pegs and guys, thanks to the 20D silnylon and light aluminium poles. Available in 2 colours, check ours out below for £69:


 These are available at All Four Outdoors for £69 - click here to view more information. 


Naturehike 1 person Pyramid Tent



Made for those lightweight campers who don't want to carry any extras, the pyramid tent comes with no poles but plenty of space! Using either a hiking pole, stick or the top loop at the apex of the rain fly to tie to a tree or rope line - this is a very compact tent and can easily be assembled without the bug net if you want to cut weight. 

Weighing it at 1.5kg and providing plenty of space for the single camper, it's a great option for those ultralight types. 


Grab yours from All Four Outdoors for £85 - here

Naturehike Sunrise Hexagonal Tarp

Taking the family to the beach or just looking for a large tarp for open air camping?

Check out this whopper!



5.2m x 4.6m this tarp provides a hell of a lot of coverage for the price. Coming with two poles, all guy ropes and enough 210T polyester tarp to make a sail! 

Waterproof to 3000MM


Available in 2 colours at £59 - if you're interested in taking a further look.

Last but not least... we always suggest if you're looking to do an extended trip, make sure to grab yourself some pipe repair tubes - better to play it safe than sorry! They are only £8.99 and can save a ruined weekend or week! 


Naturehike Tent pole repair kit 

Click here to pick up yours! 



And on a very positive note...

That brings us to the end of the All Four Outdoors NatureHike tent range review for 2018! 

I hope it's been useful and if you made it this far, thanks for reading!!! All the best and safe travels and if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask them in the comments section below or to reach out to Joe and I here.


Thanks again, 


Sean Clanchy - Founder

All Four Outdoors

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