Arcteryx Altra 65 Backpack versus the NatureHike 70L Ergonomic Hiking Pack - Brand name or budget?

70L Hiking Pack Hiking Pack

Arcteryx Altra 65 vs NatureHike 70L Ergonomic Hiking Pack

Hi Guys, 

Today we'll be comparing the pros and cons of the Arcteryx Altra 65 and the NatureHike 70L Ergonomic Hiking Pack. Coming in at different ends of the Hiking and Camping price spectrum, the Arcteryx is by far the pricier of the pair at £300 while the NatureHike comes in at a more reasonable £89 (at All Four Outdoors). 

Is it David versus Goliath?

We'll let you decide... 

To walk you through the two, the Arcteryx comes in with all the bells and whistles, the pivoting waist belt allowing easier manoeuvrability in rough terrain, the Composite Construction C2 rear suspension system thins out the back panels of the pack and reduces the overall weight of the pack, and the overall materials are super heavy duty combining a mixture of 100D, 210D and 500D Nylon, 6005-T6 extruded aluminium and HD 80 foam. (If you're wondering what the D stands for, check out our article here)

Arcteryx Altra 65 Pivoting waist belt

The Arcteryx, with it's high grade, high strength materials is not waterproof. Now if we look at the external fabrics of the NatureHike 70, nor is it.

But one of the places that the NatureHike 70 does stand out is, though not using quite as heavy duty fabrics, its 65 grade Aluminium Alloy (better than the Arcterxy!), 420D Nylon outer and 210D Nylon inner, are encompassed within a 210T Polyester PU treated rain cover rated to 2000MM!

If we directly compare the bags, both possess structural aluminium bracing, the NatureHike's lumbar support system is adjustable depending on the height of the user while the Arcteryx sell their bag in height specific sizings and possess their pivoting load distribution waist belt, the NatureHike has a built in ventilation system (visible below), the Arcteryx has been designed with purpose built neck cinches to keep snow and rain out of the bag and is water resistant, the NatureHike comes with a waterproof rain cover. Tit for tat they fight it out. 

Both are extremely lightweight but the NatureHike comes in at 1.9kgs, the Arcteryx, 2.25kgs, which is slightly more significant when keeping in mind the NatureHike is the lower cost pack and also comes with built in water proof cover. 

NatureHike 70L Ergonomic Hiking Pack rear view

Now the waterproofing is not bulletproof, but the elasticised sides will encompass the body of the bag and keep all of your precious gear dry, the straps and waist belt, well, that's another thing!

But, with it's adjustable, well padded waist, the bag never rubs and if it is rubbing, it's not the bags fault you don't know how to adjust a pack!

NatureHike 70 Ergonomic Hiking Pack built in Waterproof Cover

Both of these packs have different unique features that may make you prefer one over the other. Having hefted my NatureHike around and taken it on a number of 20 mile plus hikes in the rain, I'm quite happy to have an £89 pound pack on my back.

If I were to do some extremely rough, steep terrain hiking, perhaps I'd consider the Arcteryx, having said that, £300 is a lot of money to spend on a "maybe it's worth it". If you're out to wander the moors, go backpacking or are introducing yourself to backpacking and hiking on a budget, pick up a NatureHike 70L. 




Arcteryx Altra 65L Hiking Pack - £300


  • 510D, 210D & 100D Nylon fabric
  • 6005-T6 extruded aluminium
  • HD80 Foam Padding


  • C2 Composite Construction System (lightweight back panels)
  • Load Transfer Disc for better weight distribution
  • 2L Portable hydration pocket
  • 2 bar aluminium support system


NatureHike 70L Ergonomic Hiking Pack - £89


  • 420D Nylon exterior
  • 210D Nylon lining
  • 210T PU treated polyester
  • 65 grade Aluminium Alloy 


  • Built in Aluminium Alloy lumbar support system
  • Built in waterproof rain cover rated to 2000MM
  • Built in 3L portable hydration pocket
  • Built in Air Flow ventilation system


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Sean Clanchy

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NatureHike 70L & Arcteryx Altra 65L Gallery:

Arcteryx Altra top pocket

Arcteryx Altra 65L Rear View

Arcteryx Altra 65L top cinch cord

NatureHike 70L Ergonomic Pack side view with shoulder and waist straps

NatureHike 70L Ergonomic Hiking Pack rear view showing lumbar support frame and ventilation system

NatureHike 70L Ergonomic Hiking Pack front view

NatureHike 70L Ergonomic Hiking Pack in black


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