Introducing the NatureHike Cirrus 2 Person Tent

NatureHike are really going from strength to strength at the moment - expanding their robust range of lightweight, waterproof hiking tents with the addition of the Cirrus 2 person tent.

The NatureHike Cirrus 2 builds on the already successful design of the Cloud UP series of 1, 2 and 3 person tents with an even more premium feel. Where the Cloud UP series came with both a 210T polyester option and a 20D SilNylon, the Cirrus 2 only comes with a 20D SilNylon skin. It also has an additional 7001 Aluminium Alloy pole to expand the vestibule, providing additional storage space for wet clothes, packs and boots.

The SilNylon construction helps keep the weight of the tent down as it is a little bulkier than the equivalent Cloud UP 2. Personally, I can see the extra space of the vestibule being a huge benefit to European hikers and campers as it provides just that little bit of additional cooking and storage space on those wet days and nights. The SilNylon, being a slipperier material than the polyester Cloud UPs also tends to handle snow far better than it's polyester cousins.

What are the key facts and figures you ask? 2.12kg weight including footprint, poles and pegs. 20D SilNylon. 7001 Aluminium Alloy poles and pegs. 4000MM waterproof rating. It packs down to only 500mm x 150mm and erected, it's huge! Spanning 2200mm (L) x 1350mm (W) x 1100mm (H) + 900mm vestibule. It is an absolutely huge tent for it's weight and packs. 

Just to summarise that again:


  • 20D SilNylon
  • 7001 Aluminium Alloy
  • B3 Breathable insect mesh
  • Duraflex zips and clips
  • Comes with Footprint (at no additional cost)


  • Packed - 500mm x 150mm
  • Erected - 2200mm (L) x 1350mm (W) x 1100mm (H) + 900mm vestibule
  • Weight - 2.12kg

If anyone's got any questions about the Cirrus 2 Person tent or any of Naturehike's other tents or equipment, please don't hesitate to get in touch! If you'd like to grab one - they're not in stock yet but if you follow this link - NatureHike Cirrus 2 Person tent - you can sign up for an email reminder when they arrive.  

Otherwise guys, happy camping, hiking, fishing, biking, SUPing or kayaking!!!

Catch you all again soon! 

Sean, Joe & Wendy

All Four Outdoors


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