Reviewing the NatureHike Compact Camping Stove

Hi Guys, 

At the weekend, Joe, Wendy and I shot off to Postbridge in Dartmoor National Park, for a bit of a short and sharp getaway - throw up the tents, roll out some sleeping bags and trek about in the great outdoors. 

With a nice weather forecast and a very scenic location beside the River Dart, we had a grand old time. 


But, enough about all that (check out Facebook, Instagram and all the other book/gram locations for photos). Today, I wanted to talk to you about our compact camping stove! 

It's a great little burner! Compact, with folding legs and a snug little plastic container, the NatureHike Compact Camping Stove fits perfectly inside the Compact Pot and Pan set - (also from NatureHike and available through All Four Outdoors!) and is ideal for the intrepid adventurer. With a built in piezo lighter, you won't need matches or a lighter and the screwtop gas point plugs into most of your typical Coleman or similar portable butane units. 


This stove is perfect for hiking and trekking adventures but at the same time, packs more than enough punch for regular campers intending to pitch up for a couple of days or longer provided you've got enough gas. I always try and use it with my windshield as it reduces heat loss and saves gas. 

If anyone has any questions or would like to join us on our next hiking/camping adventure - please don't hesitate to get in touch! 

If you want to grab a stove - click here! They're only £24.99 at the moment!


Sean, Joe & Wendy


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