Reviewing the NatureHike Double Sleeping Bag

Hi Guys, 

Couple of weeks ago, the All Four Outdoors crew set off for a weekend away at Snowdonia in Wales with a group of friends (check out the subsequent videos at Youtube). 


While we were there, Wendy and I camped in the NatureHike 2 Man Ultralight Silicone Tent (which we've already reviewed here).

What we slept in however was a totally different kettle of fish! With my friend Stephen borrowing my NatureHike D280 Down Filled Winter sleeping bag (which he loved), Wendy and I snuggled down in the NatureHike Double Sleeping Bag with an Ultralight bag thrown over the top.


Now the Double Sleeping Bag is really designed for warmer weather (it was -3 overnight) with ratings from 0 - 12 degrees C. But, with the addition of the Ultralight bag over the top, not only were we more than cosy but the built in pillows in the double bag make for really comfortable sleeping.

Having the extra space of the double bag is nice as well as we often travel light and use compact gear (which this still is technically) which tends to be not necessarily tight, but you carry a single not a double for a reason. Being able to sprawl in the double bag was great!

A great addition to all of our sleeping bags, we're waiting on our next shipment of sleeping mats but combined with the Egg Crate Sleeping mats with their Bayer foam cores, I think you could fairly safely say you're guaranteed a good nights sleep!

NatureHike Inflatable Egg Crate Sleeping Mat

I'm afraid I'm a shocker when it comes to video editing and filming but if anyone is interested, feel free to visit our Youtube channel and check out our climb and camp. The 3 - 4 feet of snow across the top made for a bit of fun - Wendy decided she was a rescue dog and did an admiral job rescuing Dan's foot from the snow!! We dragged an Irishman into a Welsh bar while Wales played (and beat) Ireland in the Six Nations!

All in all, we had a great time!

If you're looking for a nice, comfortable and dog friendly place to camp, you couldn't go wrong with Bryn Gloch caravan and camp grounds just outside Beddlegert at Betws Garmon. If you're chasing food on the way up or back to Snowdon or Snowdonia as a whole, check out the Aleppo Inn at Carno on the A470. Home of the Sunday Roast and some old Castlemaine XXXX pint glasses (homesick Aussie right here!). 

Cheers all and if anyone wants any pointers or advice, feel free to drop me a line. 


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