Snowdon Adventures!!! March 2017

2 Man Tent 2 Person Tent Cloud Up 1 NatureHike 2 Man Ultralight Silicone Tent sleeping bag sleeping bags

Hi Guys, 

A couple of weeks ago the All Four Outdoors team set off for Snowdon! 

Packing up the car, the dog, a couple of tents and the GoPro - we jumped in the trusty old Audi and set off (into peak hour traffic)... 6 and a half hours later... We kind of arrived...

Thanks to thick fog around Beddgelert, we couldn't find our campsite! But... after much exploration (and many complaints from the Irishman!) we found Bryn Gloch campsite. Pitching up the Cloud UP 1 and Ultralight 2 Man dome tents, we were soon sorted - Stephen popping into his D280 down sleeping bag, me into my 2 man sleeping bag with an additional ultralight summer bag thrown over the top. 

After a good nights sleep and a quick breakfast we were off - taking the Rhyd Ddu path we were off to summit Snowdon!!!

The climb itself took us a little over 3 hours with Stephen (the token mad Irishman!), ill equipped in Skate shoes ("make sure you bring sensible shoes mate, boots if you've got them" "yeah sure, it's just a hill") scrabbling his way to the top whilst Dan and I alternated being towed by Wendy. We arrived to a white out! 30 to 40 mph winds, thick fog and up to 4 feet of snow across the top made for a bit of a treacherous crossing of the Bwlch Main or the saddle but at the same time, this is what we were here for!!! 

With Wendy giving Dan a few sharp tugs on the lead I thought I was going to have to pass on some unfortunate news to Dan's wife, Laura but all was well!

And when things did level out a bit, Wendy was in her element!!!


But most importantly, after all the fun and games were done and dusted, snow balls thrown and hands frozen - we reached the summit! I can safely say that my dog was the highest hound in England, Ireland or Wales still safely attached to terra firma! 

Anyway, it's late in rural Devon and this Papa Smurf is going to bed! 

I hope anyone who reads this enjoyed the videos and cheeky reparte! If you'd like any advice on equipment, paths to take, places to eat or stay, please don't hesitate to drop me a line!

Otherwise, I can't wait to bring you our next adventure!!!

Sean & the team from All Four Outdoors


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