Supporting the Camps Foundation in 2018!

Joe and I are extremely proud to announce that this year All Four Outdoors will be supporting the Camps Foundation


The Camps Foundation, if you're not familiar with it, is a not for profit organisation run by Camps International - who organise gap year adventures, trekking expeditions and volunteering missions around the world. 

The Camps Foundations aim is to provide "Ethical Journeys with Impact". They are committed to spending all donations on projects, not promotions and help communities around the world with improving sanitation, water security and food production, education, housing and infrastructure projects as well as being hellbent on doing great things for the environment and wildlife conservation.

To give you an idea of how busy the guys have been in 2017-2018, the Camps Foundation have been and continue to be involved in 103 initiatives all around the world, from South East Asia, to South & Central America and back to Africa.


So, what are we doing to help? 

Good question! With relatively little spare time or resources to "chip in" with treks and volunteering, Joe and I have decided to contribute a percentage of sales for every customer who uses the CAMPS15 discount code over the course of the year. This will give the user 15% OFF any items in stock on the All Four Outdoor store.

By all means, share the code with your friends and family, check out the Camps Foundation themselves if you'd prefer to donate to them directly or get involved with projects, and if you're considering a guided adventure for the future, be sure to check out their parent company - Camps International.




For more information about;

Camps International visit

Camps Foundation visit


To take advantage of the 15% OFF code : CAMPS15 (click the code and it will automatically apply to your cart contents) 

Or if you have any questions for Joe and I at All Four Outdoors, please don't hesitate to get in touch here.


Thanks for your support and thanks for reading!!

Sean, Joe and the boss dog, Wendy!


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