NatureHike 4 piece Compact Pot and Pan camp cooking set (NH15T401-G)


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The NatureHike 4 Piece Compact Pot and Pan set is the perfect set for your next camp cooking project!

  • INTELLIGENT DESIGN - the folding handles and stackable design of the NatureHike 4 piece compact cooking set allows all 4 of the pots and pans to be packed away tidily in their complimentary mesh drawstring bag.
  • COMPACT - when completely packed away they only take up 145 x 145 x 180mm!
  • LIGHTWEIGHT - all 4 pots and pans come in at a grand total of 500 grams. 



  • Manufactured from 100% Food Grade Aluminium Alloy


  • Large Pot - 149mm x 111mm
  • Small Pot - 134mm x 100mm
  • Large  Pan - 139mm x 64mm
  • Small Pan - 122mm x 59mm

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