NatureHike 1 Litre Stainless Steel Thermos (BW60A100)


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This 1 litre stainless steel flask is an outdoorsman's best friend. Tough, durable, and effective, it keeps coffee hot in the coolest of climates. 

  • COMPACT - with a collapsible handle and built in cap cup, this thermos is ideal for the cold weather hiking set. 
  • TOUGH - built to last. The flask is constructed using 304 Stainless steel. It's not bullet proof, but it'll have a bloody good go!
  • FUNCTIONAL - it's double layer insulation keeps the hot, hot, and the cold, cold. 
  • LIGHTWEIGHT - At only 640 grams, you'll barely feel this in your pack, especially once you've had a brew. 

Dimensions: 105mm x 285mm

Weight: 640 grams

Construction: Double walled, 304 stainless steel insulated flask

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