NatureHike Double Sleeping bag with PILLOW (SD15M030-J)


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The NatureHike Double sleeping bag is the perfect two person spring and autumn sleeping bag. Made for comfort, it comes with built in pillows and is rated for temperatures between 0 and 12 degrees C.

  • COMFORTABLE - with built in pillows, polyester exterior, fleece lining and 100% cotton filling, this bag is perfect for couples looking to get away and enjoy the great outdoors.
  • SPACIOUS - the 1850mm long top cover, 2150mm base and 1450mm wide bag is perfect for all sizes and shapes. 
  • WATER RESISTANT - It's coated polyester exterior is water resistant to light mist and dew.


Dimensions: 2150mm x 1450mm

Weight: 2400 grams


  • 190T Polyester exterior
  • 100% Cotton filler

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