NatureHike Ultralight Sleeping Bag (NH15S003-D)


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Constructed with light weight, durable fabrics, this sleeping bag is soft and breathable, perfect for your summer camping trips!

  • SUPER COMPACT - this super compact sleeping bag is ideal for the long distance summer hiker. If you've got limited space in your pack and want a light but comfortable sleeping bag, this one is the pick of the bunch.
  • SUPER LIGHTWEIGHT - it's only 720 grams!!!
  • ADJUSTABLE - with full length zipper and the ability to match zips this bag can be joined with other bags to create a 2 person bag, it can also be completely unzipped to make a top sheet or throw.

Dimensions: 1900mm x 750mm

Temperature Rating: Rated for temperatures between 15C - 25C 

Weight: 720 grams


  • 320D Nylon
  • TC Cotton
  • Imitation silk cotton filler

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