NatureHike Inflatable Egg Crate Sleeping Mat (NH19Q006D)


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The NatureHike Inflatable Egg Crate Sleeping Mat is designed to make your life easy! It's built in pillow, simple inflation system and comfortable design will put you in good stead for a solid nights sleep!

  • COMFORTABLE - with it's combination of BAYER high resilience foam and inflatable pillow, this mat is the embodiment of a "good nights sleep".
  • LARGE - this isn't your typical tiny mat like so many of the others! Measuring 193cm long and 65cm wide, it caters to all shapes and sizes!
  • CONNECTABLE - the handy clip system running down the edges of the mat allow multiple mats to be connected should you want to create a double, triple or even quad mat!!!

Dimensions: 1930mm x 650mm x 50mm

Weight: 1500 grams


  • 190T PVC coated Polyester 
  • BAYER Foam 

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