NatureHike One Man Inflatable Sleeping Mat with Pillow (NH15Q002D)


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The NatureHike One Man Inflatable Sleeping Mat with Pillow is a genuine lightweight contender! It's built in pillow, simple inflation system, BAYER foam core and comfortable design will put you in good stead for a great nights sleep!

  • COMFORTABLE - with it's combination of BAYER high resilience foam and inflatable pillow, this mat is the embodiment of a "good nights sleep".
  • LARGE - this isn't your typical tiny mat like so many of the others! Measuring 185cm long and 60cm wide, it caters to all shapes and sizes!
  • CONNECTABLE - the handy clip system running down the edges of the mat allow multiple mats to be connected should you want to create a double, triple or even quad mat!!!

Dimensions: 1850mm x 600mm x 25mm

Weight: 1000 grams


  • 190T PVC coated Polyester 
  • BAYER Foam 

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