NatureHike Tent pole sleeve repair kit (NH17A001-W)


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Going off piste? Taking the road less travelled? Make sure you don't end up with a blown out tent pole in rough weather bringing your tent down around your ears!!!

Grab a tent pole repair kit and play it safe!


  • COMPACT - easy to toss in your pack without taking up too much space, taking this pipe repair kit with you will just add that peace of mind you need. 
  • TOUGH - 6062 aluminium... if only the Titanic was built with this stuff!!!
  • LIGHTWEIGHT - At only 40 grams, you'll barely feel this in your pack, especially once you've had a brew (sorry, that's just how Australian's do the whole camping/hiking/outdoor thing!!!)  


Dimensions: 128mm x 13mm

Weight: 4 x 10g sleeves

Construction: made with 6061 aluminium alloy

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