NatureHike Anti-microbial Quick-Dry Travel Towels (NH17A001-P)


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Compact, fast drying and Silvadur anti-microbial treated to keep smells under wraps on those extended treks, you can't go passed our Quick-Dry travel towels . 

  • COMPACT - we don't call them travel towels for no reason!  
  • BREATHABLE BAG - comes with it's own little breathable mesh bag which is handy for keeping your pack tidy.
  • QUICK DRYING - with it's lightweight construction, not only is the towel super absorbent - stretch it out in a bit of dappled sunlight and it dries quick smart!
  • Anti-microbial treated - Treated using Silvadur anti-microbial treatment, these towels don't become a bit whiffy without quite a bit of effort on your part! 


Dimensions: 70cm x 135cm

Weight: 290 grams


  • 80% Polyester
  • 20% Polyamide

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