NatureHike 25L Waterproof Dry Bag (NH15S002D)


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NatureHike's 25L waterproof bag is a "jack of all trades". Waterproof, tough and durable, it's perfect for kayaking, SUPing and canoeing adventures while keeping your clothes and other goodies dry if you're going for a wet weather hike.

  • WATERPROOF - thanks to its high density laminated fabric, this bag is the perfect dry bag.
  • STURDY - not only is the laminated fabric tough and waterproof, the UTX Duraflex buckles are as tough as nails. Once it's shut, it's shut. 
  • LIGHTWEIGHT - Weighing in at only 190grams.


Dimensions: 650mm x 370mm

Weight: 190 grams

Materials: UTX Duraflex buckles, high density laminated fabric.


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