NatureHike Foot-pump operated Outdoor Shower (NH17L101-D)


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Going camping for a few days? Don't want to scare off your tent mates? Been for a surf or kayak? Need to get the sand off? Grab one of these little beauties! 

With an 11L capacity and foot operated pump, you can top up and rinse off quickly and easily by the side of the road, trail or beach.


  • 11L CAPACITY - Just the right amount to get a proper rinse done!
  • COMPACT - conveniently folding down to a 24cm by 12cm disc, this one tucks away pretty neatly into an external pocket on your pack or can easily be squeezed into a drybag
  • STURDY - High frequency welded, made with a mixture of PVC and ABS, this little chap won't let you down.
Dimensions: 12cm by 24cm (packed) or 20 x 46cm (in use)

Weight: 980 grams

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