Cooking Equipment

If you haven't spotted them already, All Four Outdoors stock a range of lightweight, affordable cooking equipment perfect for your next camping or hiking adventure. If you like cooking under the stars, compact pot and pan sets, collapsible camping ovens, windshields... You name it, we've got it! All of our current range are supplied by NatureHike, brand name quality without brand name pricing. 




Check out our different cooking equipment below:


Camping Stoves

Now it's only a limited range but when you've got a collapsible, compact camping stove this good... Why would you look anywhere else? 

NatureHike Collapsible Camping Stove


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  • Quality Construction - robustly designed using a combination of 67% copper, 30% stainless steel and 3% aluminium alloy. 
  • Lightweight - 230 grams? You're kidding!!! Nope, we're deadly serious. This little stove that goes and goes weighs in at 230 grams. 
  • Compact - When collapsed, this stove fits in a container 70mm x 80mm x 110mm! I often tuck it away inside the NatureHike 4 Piece Compact Pot and Pan set to make extra room in my pack and to save it getting knocked about.
  • Piezo Lighter (built in) - sick of carrying matches and lighters? (I'd bring spares just incase but still, pretty damn convenient!)


Camping Pots and Pans

Right, you've got the camp cooker, burner of bits, oven of awesome... now what? I suppose you'll want something to cook in? Our NatureHike camping pot and pan sets will put you in good stead! 

NatureHike 4 Piece Pot and Pan camp cooking set


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  • Folding Handles - Make for ease of use but also allow them to be conveniently collapsed down and stacked. 
  • Compact size - packed away, the 4 pots and pans pack away to 145mm x 145mm x 180mm. Tiny!
  • Lightweight - all 4 pots and pans combined have a total weight of only 450 grams! 
  • Quality - Manufactured from Aluminium alloy and coming with a standard 1 year manufacturers warranty. 


Cooking Windshields

You're in the back of beyond, on the side of a mountain and can't escape the breeze, freezing your canastas off while it takes FOREVER to boil your water or cook your dinner... Geez a windshield would come in handy... Even better would be a lightweight, aluminium collapsible windshield that stashes away in your pack really easily... I wonder who has some of those? 

NatureHike 8 Piece Foldable Aluminium cooking windshield


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  • Collapsible - the 8 piece windshield collapses from 670mm x 240mm to only 85mm x 240mm when bagged.
  • Windproof - well, you'd kind of hope so right? The interlocking hinged design ensures that it really does shelter your stove and speeds up heating and reduces gas wastage significantly.
  • Sturdy Design - light and tough, the 100% aluminium design ensures this windshield can take a knock.



If you'd like any further information about these or any of our other products - please don't hesitate to get in touch HERE!