Camping Sleeping Mats

Chasing a good nights sleep? Don't want to carry a super heavy mattress but want to be insulated from the cold ground? Look no further! All Four Outdoors range of lightweight inflatable sleeping mats are perfect for the off piste adventurer! 


Single Sleeping Mats

NatureHike One Man inflatable sleeping mat with Pillow


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  • Comfortable - this quality sleeping mat really does give you a good nights rest with it's combination of high resilience bayer foam, additional inflated padding and the added benefit of the built in pillow. 
  • Large - Not all mats are created equal. While not extraordinarily long at 1850mm, this mat does come in at 600mm wide. For your typical lightweight single tent, that's perfect!
  • Connectable - Like your space? If you want to connect your sleeping mats together, the handy connectors running down the side of these are perfect! Turn your single into a double, triple or quad mattress in no time!
  • Quality Materials - Combining 190T PVC coated polyester and high resilience BAYER foam, these are a durable and comfortable mat, built to last. 
  • Insulating - remember that BAYER foam we mentioned? Really handy for helping you maintain heat and not leak it out into ground beneath you.
  • Lightweight - at bang on 1kg, you'll hardly notice this rattling around on your back!


NatureHike Lightweight TPU Sleeping Mat


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  • Built in Inflation System - with a built in 1-way inflation system, you'll never have to worry about carrying a cylinder pump or blowing your lungs out after a long day hiking. Just rock back and forth on the 1-way pump system and quickly inflate your mat for the night. 
  • Comfortable - 90mm deep, this mat provides quite a bit more "squish" for the discerning mattress connoisseur.
  • Large - Measuring up at 1930mm x 600mm and 90mm deep, we've been sure to cater for giants with this one! 
  • Lightweight - under a kg? Easy!!! It's only 840 grams!!!
  • Quality - manufactured with a combination of 80% Nylon, 20% TPU and with a copper air release nozzle. 


NatureHike Inflatable Egg Crate Sleeping Mat


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  • LIGHTWEIGHT - not always a good thing but when it comes to lightweight camping kinda handy... Lucky for you this weighs in at only 700 grams!!!
  • Large - Designed with the broad shouldered in mind, this mat is our widest at 650mm across. Throw in 1930mm long and the giants amongst us can rejoice! 
  • Connectable - we love our compact clip systems! Like the NatureHike One Man inflatable sleeping mat with Pillow above, the connectable clip systems on this baby are great allowing you to connect multiple mats for as wide a mattress as you'd like. 
  • Quality Materials - like it's cousins above, these are made to last. 190T PVC coated polyester with BAYER high density, low weight foam. 
  • Insulating - remember that BAYER foam we mentioned? Really handy for helping you maintain heat and not leak it out into ground beneath you.


If you'd like any further information about these or any of our other products - please don't hesitate to get in touch HERE!