NatureHike 500ml Easy Open water bottle (NH61A060-B)


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This lightweight, easy open 500mL water bottle is perfect for hikers and cyclists on the move. With it's one way valve reducing spillage and the ability to quickly open it one handed, it's the perfect lightweight water bottle for your weekend adventures.

  • LIGHTWEIGHT - weighing in at only 93 grams.
  • ONE WAY SUCTION - the one way suction system is ideal if you're on the move. No spillage, no worries. 
  • 3 COLOURS - Buying for the kids? Don't stress! We've got 3 colours to select from so there's no need to bicker over who's is who's!!!
  • SAFE - All bottles are made of Polypropylene without Bisphenol A (which has been linked to a number of debilitating illnesses).

Dimensions: 200mm x 70mm (500mL capacity)

Weight: 93 grams

Materials: Polypropylene without Bisphenol A

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