NatureHike 70L Ergonomic Hiking Pack (NH70B070)


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Check out the NatureHike 70L Hiking Pack in this short video with Sean!


This robust, 70L ergonomically designed pack is perfect for the extended hiking getaway. With built in back support, padded waist straps, and adjustable shoulder straps, it is completely customisable allowing you to get the best out of your bag. 

  • LARGE CAPACITY - 70 litres of standard capacity and the ability to expand that out to 75, if you can't fit your kit in this you shouldn't be buying a pack. You need a caravan!
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN -  with it's aluminium rail back support, adjustable and padded shoulder and waist straps, this pack is designed to carry heavy loads in comfort. 
  • ROBUST CONSTRUCTION - Thanks to the quality materials and intelligent design of this pack you're not going to have any reliability issues. It's internal support structure ensures even load distribution both on you and on the bag fabrics ensuring they last as long as possible.
  • WATERPROOF COVER - the waterproof cover built into the base is a handy little addition to the typically functional pack design. When rain sets in, pull the elasticised sheath out of the base of the pack, stretch it over and "voila!" Waterproof!

Dimensions: 750mm x 370mm x 270mm

Weight: 1.9kg


  • 210D Nylon inner lining
  • 420D Nylon exterior 
  • 65 grade Aluminium Alloy

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