NatureHike Collapsible Camping Stove (NH15L399-T)


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The NatureHike Collapsible Camping Stove punches well above it's extremely light (230g) weight!

  • QUALITY CONSTRUCTION - manufactured with a combination of 67% copper, 30% stainless steel and 3% aluminium alloy, this gutsy little camp stove works wonders.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT - 230 grams? Are you serious??? Yes we are batman! This little gem weighs in at only 230 grams! How much more lightweight can a camping stove get?
  • COMPACT - when completely collapsed into it's storage container, the NatureHike Collapsible camping stove takes up a miserly 70 x 80 x 110mm!!! 
  • PIEZO LIGHTER - built in.



  • 67% Copper
  • 30% Stainless Steel
  • 3% Aluminium Alloy

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