NatureHike Lightweight TPU Sleeping Mat (NH15T052P)


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The NatureHike Lightweight TPU Sleeping Mat is a lightweight gem! It's built in 1 way inflation system, short inflation time and comfortable, deep mat design will help you have a good nights sleep!

  • BUILT IN INFLATION SYSTEM - the 1 way inflation system built into this mat is awesome! It saves you carting a pump around, is quick and easy to use and pretty hard to damage unlike some plastic cylinder pumps.
  • COMFORTABLE - with it's deep 90mm inflatable body, this mat is the embodiment of a "good nights sleep".
  • LARGE - this isn't your typical tiny mat like so many of the others! Measuring 193cm long and 60cm wide, it caters to all shapes and sizes!

Dimensions: 1930mm x 600mm x 90mm

Weight: 840 grams


  • 80% Nylon
  • 20% TPU
  • Copper nozzle

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